Three management practices + three fertilizers

$ 9,00

Drop a pin to your field and fill in some necessary information (e.g., soil type, tillage, etc.). For each of the three management practices (Planting date, Seeding rate, and Row spacing) and three fertilizers (N-P-K-S-Zn), you will be able to choose a range of values (e.g., low and high seeding rate, early and late planting date, 0-800 lb/ac rate for each fertilizer etc.). Then, the yield of all combinations among all practices will be compared against your typical cropping system choices.

This tool performs economic analysis. Two cropping systems will be generated, one for maximum yield and one for maximum profit.

Make sure you have the following before you start:

1) Seed cost ($ per 80,000 seeds)

2) Fertilizer cost ($ per ton of each product)

3) Applying Nitrogen fertilizer is not free (e.g., extra fuel cost) so we need an estimate of application cost ($/ac)

4) Projected corn price ($/bu).